Saturday, 10 January 2009

Love is in the air...

The Valentines stock is in store already, but then again in the UK so are blooming Easter eggs!

I cannot wait to go to Williams Sonoma when I get to NY - I shall be buying some cuteness to bring home for sure!

You can make your own heart shaped cupcakes for your love with this really cute heart shaped pan, and then decorate them using the valentines fondant and cutters kit which comes in a set for under $50! Or you can buy some cupcakes from Perfect Endings -

Perfect Endings, Sam Godfrey’s nationally acclaimed boutique bakery in the Napa Valley. The luscious little cakes are prepared from scratch based on recipes from Godfrey’s mentor, his Southern grandmother. Made with fresh eggs, real butter and other premium ingredients, our selection includes three flavors, each topped with a different sugared flower and heart: red velvet, generously swirled with old-fashioned vanilla icing and topped with white sprinkles; rich chocolate, frosted with chocolate ganache and scattered with dark chocolate sprinkles; and chocolate caramel, chocolate cake slathered with chocolate caramel buttercream and crowned with milk chocolate sprinkles. Set of nine, three of each flavor

I heart valentines cupcake goodies :)

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