Saturday, 6 December 2008

Outsider Tarts festive Cupcake day

Tomorrow at Chiswick Market two of my favourite cupcake bakers, Outsider Tart have the following cupcakes (and brownies!!)

Filled cupcakes:
Mincemeat (we make our own mincemeat filling which is also available jarred up for the holidays)
Ginger Lemon - Ginger cake with lemon curd filling and lemon buttercream
Triple Choc - chocolate cake with our own raspberry truffle in the center and chocolate frosting (Note: our homemade truffles are also available for the holidays for the remainder of our holiday markets)

Unfilled cupcakes:
Holiday Red Velvet
Chocolate mint cupcakes
Cranberry with orange glaze (you guessed it our cranberry compote is available jarred for the holidays in two sizes)

Brownies - Fudge no nut brownies, White Chocolate with pistachio and cranberries and Blondies!

There is also a secret brownie available but you need to read their blog to find out what it is! I'm planning a trip to Chiswick early tomorrow morning to stock up as its been too long since I had an Outsider Tart cake!!!!

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