Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Have a Happy Hogmanay with boozy cupcakes!

I decided to share some of my favourite boozy cupcakes from March's Cupcake Hero challenge to celebrate New Year (Hogmanay to us Scots!).

The top picture is the strawberry margarita from The Picky Apple! They look totally tasty and if you click the link their is a recipe to make them - it looks quite complicated (lots of ingredients) but I'd say they look worth the effort!

The second picture is a White Russian cupcake by Zebe192 - I know this'd be Manny's favourite as it looks ultra chocolaty!!! Again there is a recipe after the link - again with lots of ingredients!

The final picture is an cupcake take on an old English favourite - the sherry trifle..yummy...made by the Cracking Good Egg. These actually look like the easiest to make of them all!

Anyways you can check out all the boozy cupcakes...all 45 of them...here.

Have a great New Year - don't drink too much or eat too many cupcakes!


Cara said...

Hooray for boozy cupcakes! Thanks for mentioning my strawberry margarita cupcake. You just made my day! Happy New Year to you!

KARA said...

wow boozy cupcakes, sound cool if I was not 9months pregnant maybe soon