Wednesday, 17 December 2008

More Christmas cupcakes...

Yesterday we had a career's assessment at work and after a day of hugging and drawing my feelings I decided to treat myself to a coffee and a mini cupcake at Primrose Bakery's new Covent Garden store. However when I walked in the door their Christmas cupcakes spoke to me and yelled "buy us!!!"

Who could resist them - look at that little baby deer cupcake!! I was really worried she was fashioned from sugar and I'd have to eat her but thankfully she was plastic and is now sitting on top of my Alessi canisters in my kitchen!

So back to the cakes .....they were F.A.B! Moist, yummy with lashings of scrummy frosting!!! Seriously one of the best cupcakes in London! And beautifully decorated - it looks just like the little creatures are sitting on snow topped cupcakes!

Also I was really impressed that they are charging no extra for the Christmas cupcakes than their normal, which at under £2 each are some of the cheapest in London! And they don't scrimp on ingredients or frosting that much is for sure!

All these cupcakes are making me festively plump..well more so!! Only Buttercup and Hummingbird Christmas ones to check out now and then I'm on a cupcake free diet for a month or two!

BTW the other two non-festive cupcakes are a rose one (gorgeous - the petals on top were really tasty and the rose flavour came through in the frosting...although when I gave Manny some his flavour guess was 'trifle'...random!!!) and a chocolate coffee frosted one for Manny which he happily devoured so I assume he liked it!*

*I blame the elf for possessing me and making me buy lots of cupcakes ...he is a bad cupcake elf!


Manny said...

The cupcake elf looks a bit startled, like he's sat on a sharp sprinkle ;) Delicious cakes as always though :)

KARA said...

I have just some by your blog and you are a lady after my own heart.
What gorgeous cupcakes, bakery's in Kent don't really do cupcakes, but after I have had my baby I am back to baking my own.
I spy the Debenhams goodies in the background, I bought myself the Cupcake Cookie Jar this week for my kitchen.
Nice to meet you