Sunday, 7 December 2008


Today on our hunt for Outsider Tart at Dukes Meadows Farmers Market we ventured to deepest West London...well Chiswick! After a long and chilly tube journey we spotted Maison Blanc with a window of goodies to tempt anyone - it particularly tempted me as (a) there were cupcakes and (b) there was a cafe/restaurant area and I needed a wee...well any excuse for cake ;)

I had a cappuccino and a pistachio cupcake, Manny a mocha and a concerto.

My cupcake was DIVINE! Raymond was spoiling us with his fantastic cake - one of the best cupcakes I've ever had I have to say and I wasn't expecting much as I wasn't sure how a French cupcake would taste! As it was so gorgeous, I was very tempted to try one of the other cupcakes (they had strawberry and chocolate and some mini ones I couldn't see the flavour of!) but we were going to the market and I didn't want to be too greedy!
Manny's concerto (sorry no pic - you can just make it out behind my cake) was basically a LOT of chocolate...
Layers of chocolate biscuit soaked in chocolate syrup, chocolate mousse and feuillantine. Finished with chocolate decoration

..and he LOVED it! Bless him he got up at 9am (Something he cannot remember in living memory doing on a Sunday) so he was in need of sustenance!

We shall definitely be heading back to Maison Blanc if we venture to Chiswick again! Oh and their coffee was fantastic too, and I got some adorable mince pies as a gift and some Madeline's for a friend that's been after them for some time!

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Manny said...

It was definately worth getting up early for that cake, good old Raymond, it was one of the nicest things I've ever eaten! It was good to finally meet David from Outsider Tart, their cakes and the chocolate orange brownie were amazing too :) I had a lovely day out with you, as always, I'd go back to that pub too xxx