Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Happy National Cupcake day!!

National Cupcake Day was yesterday and I missed wishing you all a happy one as I was out on a Christmas date with my hubby looking at the Christmas lights and windows in the West End and then stuffing him with meaty goodness at Bodeans as a thank you for schleping round the west end with me getting overly excited about giant snowmen on Carnaby Street!

We did however take time to pop into Selfridges and pick up a Lola's 12 days of Christmas cupcake for me (I got the last one - yesterday was 3 French Hens) and Manny had a double chocolate - surprise!

Check out the size difference on those cup cakes - Manny's chocolate one is nearly as big as the huge snowmen!!

1 comment:

Manny said...

The snowmen are shaped like me :) It was fun seeing the lights, the food at Bodeans is the best and the shopping crowds didn't bother me because I was with the girl I love xxx

That cupcake ruled too :)