Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Why doesn't my job involve bribery with cupcakes???

Why? Why? WHY?

There’s always been an underground economy in Las Vegas. Since the town began, businesspeople with varying degrees of legitimacy have gifted and bribed one another with women, booze, money and fancy casino digs.

Now there’s a new and even more insidious bit of baksheesh going around.


If you need a favor in this town, you’d better show up with a dozen cupcakes.

“People tell me they’re the best bribery in the world,” says Pamela Jenkins, the 27-year-old founder of the Cupcakery, a Henderson boutique bakery that supplies fresh-baked bribes and frosted kickbacks to celebrities, judges, pharmaceutical reps, and you and me.

“We’ve got attorneys that send them to all the judges. And the pharmaceutical reps come in and tell us we’ve created monsters out of these medical receptionists and doctors. They’re like, ‘We’re not giving out your samples of Zoloft unless you bring us some cupcakes.’ We even get requests to draw purple pills on top of the cupcakes.”

You can read the rest of the article here - and also watch a mini video with the Cupcakery owner! I love the cupcake van - when will we start getting cupcake deliveries in the UK??

I also am intrigued about their erotic cupcakes

And then there’s perhaps the most Vegas aspect of the cupcake trade: Jenkins has a booming sideline in custom-made erotic cupcakes. The naughty nibbles fetch a premium price: $50 a dozen.

“People will send photographs and say, ‘Can you make it look just like this?’ ” Jenkins says of the custom-cake customers. “One of the nastiest ones we ever did was for (former boy band star) Joey Fatone, I think it was for his bachelor party, and they wanted female body parts, and it was just nasty.”

Jenkins breaks out a binder with samples of X-rated cupcakes; there’s a parental advisory on the cover. The cake artists don’t mind these special assignments, Jenkins says. “They have the best time. It’s pure comedy and enjoyment for them.”
All I know is their cupcakes look great whether they're made to look like lady gardens or just plain old cupcakes I'd eat them :)


Anonymous said...

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Keep up the good work on your blog, it rocks!


I heart cupcakes said...

Thanks Anna, I always appreciate any links for cupcakes in London!

With ordering them the only problem is there is always a minimum order and even I can't manage to eat that many!!

Glad you enjoy the blog :)

Fair Cake said...


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