Tuesday, 9 September 2008


Today I was browsing Eleni's website as part of my quest to find all the great cupcake places in New York for my holiday!!). Whenever I looked at the descriptions of their scrumptious looking cupcakes one word kept cropping up...nonparelis. Having NO idea what this was I immediately Wikipedia'd it and lo and behold its a fancy name for sprinkles...well fatter rounder sprinkles! (does that make me the nonparelis of the human world???!). Are Eleni's reverting to the use of this old fashioned word after hearing about Sprinkles fondness for lawsuits..just incase?

Anyways nonparelis or sprinkles, who cares - how much do these pics make you want to lick the frosting off Leroy? *

By the way incase anyone is interested there are currently 177 days till I get to New York and the tour currently stands at 18 cupcake stores!!! My current plan is not to eat anything but soup from New Years till March in anticipation of cupcake overload!

*Leroy is the fancy pink cupcake above not some random man I wish to lick frosting from!

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