Sunday, 21 September 2008

Living the cupcake dream!

Todd and Marsha Rowe run the Cupcake Truck. It is like an ice cream truck, except they sell cup cakes.

They wake up at 3:30 a.m. every morning to start baking, make icing and get on the road to deliver cupcakes to hungry clientele.

Marsha Rowe has always loved baking but a having a shop wasn't feasible, so she and her husband found a way around that. "The money's just too much, so we became creative and decided to see if we could do something mobile," Todd said.

In August, they started parking it in a prime spot in New Haven, where carts are a popular place for people to get meals and snacks. They set up the cart near the Yale campus. In addition to baking, they blog about where they will be, what's on the menu and how things are going.

The Cupcake Truck takes credit cards and they're going solar soon.

These people are truly living the dream - I'd love to do this -anyone wanna buy me a van??? And be my driver!

You can watch a video about the cupcake truck here.

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