Thursday, 11 September 2008

More rather odd cupcakes!

What is this messing about with cupcakes in aid of??

Figs and blue cheese? Peanut butter frosting with bacon? They're just not making my mouth water like a good old vanilla cupcake!

Well you can get such delights from Chaos Theory cupcakes (brought to you by Bleeding Heart bakery) and More Cupcakes

Michelle Garcia, co-owner of Bleeding Heart Bakery, also co-opened Chaos Theory Cakes, where you can order a cupcake like the Oaxacan, a dark chocolate infused with cayenne and black pepper, along with cinnamon, and topped with a bitter chocolate ganache dusted again with a bit of cayenne. While a glass of milk might seem quaint here, it's a necessity. It cools off some of the heat.

This is the only way Garcia, who's been offering her savory version of the treats since October at Bleeding Heart, would offer cupcakes and a wonderfully over-the-top line at Chaos Theory Cakes, 2961 N. Lincoln Avenue.

"I hate cupcakes," says the always-hip Garcia. They were just a little too cutesy for her. But she also knows that as a businesswoman there are laws of supply and demand. So while she's offering vanilla, chocolate and red velvet varieties, she also has a spinach cake with a purple-onion frosting and sauteed apple on top.

I'm afraid I have to say give me "cutesy" any day!! While the spicy cupcakes sound interesting I don't think I'll be giving up my cutesy pink sprinkled cupcakes for spinach anytime soon.

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Manny said...

I like the sound of the spicy Oaxacan one but the fig and blue cheese? No way, give me red velvet or good old chocolate any day!