Tuesday, 16 September 2008

We've hit the big 20!!

I'm currently busy planning my cupcake tour of NY for March and we have now hit 20 cupcake places to be visited in 8 days. The 20th cupcake store to add to the list is How Sweet it Is, and its about 10mins from where we're staying! wuhu! (so far we have about 4 cupcakeries within a 10minute radius..HEAVEN!)

I've been doing some googling (a girl has to do her research!!) and I like the sound of their spicy Mexican chocolate cupcakes...yummy! These sheep cupcakes look FAB!

Thanks to Pam S for the pic of the bakery - it looks cute as a cupcake :)

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Manny said...

That place looks like Anne-heaven :) I do like the sound of spicy chocolate cupcakes, I think I already know what flavour I'll be having there!