Sunday, 11 October 2009

Crumbs and Doilies Halloween cupcakes

are available to pre-order now and aren't they just the cutest Halloween cupcakes you've seen!

Think I may have to pre-order a munchbox although I'd prefer 6 big ones as then you get the spider, bat and skulls - maybe I should give them a ring and see if that's possible! Getting there on the day to pick them up may be a problem too as its our wedding anniversary on the Sat and we're meant to be out and about that day - maybe I'll order them to collect on the Friday and head over to C&D HQ -sounds fab :)

We’ll be selling our great Halloween Cupcakes by the dozen in big and mini sizes and there’s also our brand new Munchbox size (2 big and 9 mini cupcakes) for smaller gifts. All boxes will contain a spookily tasty mix of flavours including this month’s flavour of the month, ChocolateOrange, and are available on Friday 30th and Saturday 31st October.

That’s not all though - it being Halloween we’ve slashed the prices of our special Halloween Cupcakes to just £20/dozen for big cupcakes and £10/dozen for minis and munchboxes!

Orders will be available for delivery in Central and SW London or you can collect from C&D HQ near Wandsworth Town (Friday 11am-7pm and Saturday 10am-3pm), or from the Kings Road (Saturday only, 10am-3pm).

Thanks to C&D for use of their photo!

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Manny said...

They look great! We have the Friday off, let's head over there and get them then, we can't miss out on these!