Wednesday, 16 April 2008

This cupcake is hiding a very bizarre ingredient

Frozen mashed potato!! That's correct - inside these rather tasty looking cupcake are discs (!!?) of frozen mash!!!

These have been causing a bit of a stir in the UK as part of Delia Smith's "How to Cheat at Cooking" series on the BBC (including, of course, the obligatory book tie-in). These were featured in Sainsbury's magazine (A favourite of mine!) in their April issue (where I have borrowed the pictures above from) and I can't say that I'm that keen to try the recipe which can be found here) - apart from the mash, there's also condensed milk in them - surely its simple enough to follow a basic cupcake recipe without resorting to adding mash and sugar laden fat?

The fact that Giles Coren, food critic describes his taste of these cakes (as made by Aldo Zilli) as follows:
These were beyond horrible. They had the sheen of a freshly laid dog turd - and the consistency, with that potato in them ... Ugh. No resistance, no bite, nothing. Just an injection of sugar. It's not hard to make a fairy cake, for Christ's sake. Five-year-olds do it with their mums. Dismal.
Appearance 0 stars Taste 0 stars

kind of puts me off - although he does loose some brownie points for calling them fairy cakes, but he's a man so we'll let him off! All in all not something I'm keen to taste! I think I'll leave my mash (homemade NOT frozen!) to go with sausages and gravy or such like and my cupcakes to remain potato free!

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