Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Peggys Cupcakes - I want Peggy to adopt me*!

Following on from the rather disappointing Daisy Cakes experience, when I went back to Greenwich last weekend I was over-joyed to see the lovely Peggy's Cupcakes were in situ in the foody bit of the Market and ready to sell me some of their lovely baked goods!

As usual the cupcakes were GORGEOUS to look at and to eat. The frosting just melts in your mouth, is really flavoursome and well, they really are just scrummy!

On the way back from Greenwich Market, I popped into my local Sainsburys and was chuffed to see they'd reduced their Donna Hay range and quickly snapped up her Chocolate Cupcake Mix box for the bargain price of £2.09!!! They're absolutely stunning and I cannot wait to make them - I'm holding out till nearer Manny's birthday but not sure I can wait another 2 months!

Sorry about the picture quality - I think my hands were still shaking from the cold when I was taking them!

*If Peggy did adopt me I reckon I'd spend all day eating her cupcakes/licking the frosting bowl clean till I finally just exploded! What a way to go though!!!! Death by cupcake - nothing better!

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