Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Cupcake bag alert!!!!

I actually went to Floral Street today in Covent Garden to check out the Betsey Johnson cupcake bag mentioned previously in this blog, however I saw it and it was just a bit too gaudy for me - lots of silver and bits on it so I kept wandering and came to Radley's shop. And I was excited to see a lovely little tote bag smothered in CUPCAKES in the window!! I immediately went in and asked if it came in a different colour as I wasn't that keen on the yellow one on show and wuhu it came in PINK!!* So of course I bought it..and its FAB! It comes in a little pouch and when you take the bag out of it, it stays attached and becomes a purse - so its practical AND cute :) And its also very environmentally friendly as not only does it stop you from using plastic bags, it's made from recycled plastic bottles ...fabulous :)

* I probably would've bought it in yellow if they didn't have another's just too cute to resist!!

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