Monday, 28 April 2008

Nice cupcake, shame about the taste

I had that Monday morning feeling all day today so I left work ultra early with the idea of going to Shipp's Tearooms in Borough for a pot of tea and a cupcake from Primrose very civilised of me! However after I wandered over the river to Borough Market I discovered it was closed..boooooo hiss so instead I ventured to Patisserie Lila just across the market. I decided to get cupcakes to take away when I saw the sheer size of them - they were HUGE! I got one called a fairy cake and Manny a double chocolate (quelle surprise!). It was rather odd as the one I bought had frosting and was called a fairy cake, however they had strawberry cupcakes that had royal icing on, which makes them a fairy cake..very confusing. I basically choose what looked prettiest. BIG MISTAKE. The cake was rock hard - it tasted like it was leftover from last weeks baking - it was proper hard, like a really bad supermarket sponge that was baked weeks much for a "flair for bespoke cake." The "frosting" was oil based I think - and not very nice at all. I'm sure Manny will enjoy his - if it's chocolate cake he'll eat it!

Not really somewhere to go for a cupcake but some of their other cakes looked quite nice so might be worth a coffee stop for a cake and sit down :)

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Manny said...

The cake was a bit dry but the HUGE lump of chocolate frosting more than made up for it :)