Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Chocolate overload at Daisy Cakes

After a couple of disappointing visits to Daisy Cakes in Greenwich recently, (where their frosting seems to have gone downhill in the taste department a bit), I met up with my chum Helen and went for a coffee at the Organic Cafe in Greenwich last Wednesday (the Coffee Cellar - my fave was closed) and we then popped into Daisy Cakes to get some cupcakes. There was only chocolate on offer so I got a couple and took them home (one was for Manny) and once again I have to say I wasn't that fussed about the frosting. The chocolate one was better than their recent vanilla that I've had (Which now seem to not really taste of vanilla) but it still wouldn't be in my top 5! Come on Daisy Cakes, your sliding down my faves and its just not on - I want the old lovely Daisy Cakes back!!!

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