Thursday, 26 August 2010

I asked for a cupcake not a crapcake

MasterChef started last month in the US on the Fox Network and typically American it looks overblown and a bit more annoying than the UK version. Although I much prefer their version of Gregg Wallace - their very own chubby presenter Graham Elliot. Yes their chubby presenter can actually cook not just shovel food in his mouth. He was also my favourite in Top Chef Masters, and yes I'm addicted to Food TV. Alas their other presenter is even more irritating than the cardi wearing John Torode, Gordon F'ING Ramsay - do America realise there are other chefs out there?

Anyways the reason I'm mentioning Masterchef is because in one of the episodes they are challenged to make a stunning cupcake using an amazing table of decorative excitements - not sure I'd go that far, the frosting is in a TIN ffs.

You can watch the clip and see the cupcakes that Gordon so elloquently, and rather predictably, called crapcakes here. Although you can't really argue with his description when you look at the rather melty mess above.

I'm sure this show will be on UK Food or the Food Network for us all to enjoy soon.


Manny said...

How could anyone be a better presenter than Greg - that's sacrilege, lol!!

I heart cupcakes said...

Your bromance for Gregg worries me!