Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Cox, Cookies and (cup)Cake

I've mentioned before I love Twitter right? So today's Twitter find was a new bakery. Cox, Cookies & Cake is a joint venture between shoe maker Patrick Cox and our favourite French P√Ętissier Eric Lanlard, of Cake Boy.

Cox, Cookies & Cake have developed an indulgent and deliciously quirky repertoire of cookies, cakes and bars and will have an emphasis on quality rather than novelty. There will also be a range of goodies inspired by Patrick's mothers recipes - including her fabulous (and delicious sounding) Nanaimo Bars made from coconut chocolate biscuit with a layer of custard vanilla butter cream coated in melted dark chocolate.

I love the idea behind Patrick's creative vision for Cox, Cookies and Cake - a sexy amalgam of honourable London traditions: the corner cake shop and the Soho hotspot with black glossy floor and disco inspired walls - sound perfect to me!

I've still to taste any of Eric's cakes, despite saying years ago I was going to Cake Boy :( but I cannot wait to try them - his cakes always look so tasty. Wonder if I can persuade Manny to venture over to Battersea soon?

“I am really excited to be working in partnership with Patrick. We are both obsessed with great
food and style and of course we both share a great sense of fun. Together we are going to be
creating a range of yummy cakes and cookies designed to match the style of this up-and coming,
vibrant part of London that is Soho! “

From the press release pictures above, and below, I can already see that the cupcakes are going to be innovative (hello skulls \m/), so lets hope it's not a case of style over substance and they looks as good as they taste! I plan to go on opening day to check them out so of course will let you know! I'm sure they're going to be (absolutely) fabulous!

Cox Cookies & Cake, opens September 1st at 13 Brewer Street, London W1, opening hours 11am - 11pm (perfect for late night cupcake cravings!).

Finally, Eric Lanlard fans will be pleased to know that his new book Home Bake is also due out at the beginning of September, and is available for pre-order on Amazon. It features recipes for cupcakes and other yummy looking home baked treats.


Manny said...

Those cakes look very tempting, we should definately check this place out. And it's right near the Record and Tape Exchange too :)

I've always said I'm up for a trip to Cake Boy at Battersea, just say when and I'm there :)

I heart cupcakes said...

According to google it used to be a XXX video store so I'm sure you can find it ;)
It is indeed just near the Record and Tape Exchange and Cheapo Cheapo so its a date -we're going on the 1st :)
Cool - lets do Cake Boy this month

Manny said...

Ah, maybe one of my old haunts ;)

Excellent, it's in my diary now and I'm looking forward to it already xxxx