Monday, 2 August 2010

Cupcake kitchen update

After mentioning on Twitter I needed to get a little kitchen blow torch someone kindly suggested Wilkinsons. I could hug the lovey lady right now as I'd never have thought of looking at their website as I didn't realise they had one near(ish) to me. Now I shall be heading over there asap to get some CUPCAKE WALLPAPER!!

I've been looking for cupcake wallpaper for some time, and to be honest had given up as I was tired of getting excited thinking I'd found some and then discovering it was just dotty or something and some twonk had called it "cupcake" ..grrr. Similar to this file box from Wilkinsons - where is the cupcake?

This wallpaper is by Graham and Brown, but is nearly half price at Wilkinsons so I know where I'll be buying it.

The plan is to paper one wall of our kitchen with this - anyone fancy popping over and wallpapering? Never done it before - except to help my mum, when I ended up covered in paste and paper with a very irate mother. It can't be that difficult - can it?


Sarah-Jane - said...

now that is cool !

Nic's Notebook said...

Love the wallpaper! Wilkinson is great for baking items at the minute - I got a lovely set of pastel green mixing bowls from there, dead cheap! Hope the wallpapering goes ok...!! x

Manny said...

I'm sure we can manage the wall papering between us. It'll be cupcake carpets next ;)

I heart cupcakes said...

Sarah Jane - isn't it FAB!!

Nic - I've never been. I looked some time ago and the nearest one was in North London, didn't realise there was one a few stops away on the tube!
Thanks - we'll probably buy an extra roll just incase.

Manny - we'll manage! Oh I wonder if they do a cupcake carpet ;)

Heaven is a Cupcake said...

That's amazing! I so want that to make into a picture for my wall :D

I heart cupcakes said...

Heaven is a cupcake - you can order a sample from the Graham and Brown website and frame it :)