Thursday, 1 July 2010

No blood, no foul

Edward Anthony Mason Cullen's birthday is June 20th, 1901. He's a gemini. The fact that I know this may perhaps make you aware of how much I LOVE the Twilight series. And possibly makes me appear a little sad.To celebrate Edward's 109th birthday what else could I do but bake cupcakes!

I had seen quite a few Twilight cupcakes on line including Not Quite Nigella’s lovely red velvet apple shaped ones. I opted to make an apple cupcake base using a slightly adapted apple cupcake recipe I found on The Cookery Angel’s website. I made 12 in all and covered the ‘apple’ shaped ones in plain vanilla frosting and lashings of red sugar (which just refused to stick which is why my apple is a bit white in bits), and the normal ones in caramel vanilla frosting. Both were luscious to look at and to taste – just as I imagine Edward would be (sorry sometimes I just can’t help it).

Taking the photographs proved quite difficult. As you’ve probably already gathered I’m not a professional photographer. We tried several variations of the now-infamous ‘Twilight hand pose’ using a large sheet of black card as our background but it was very difficult to hold the card, hold the cupcake and make sure it was being held properly (which as you can see we failed at!). Also the person in the original picture didn't have fat wrists or tattoos! So, after a while we gave up and took the photos below - which I really rather like, even if the focusing is a bit pants! The second one has some glitter on it so it sparkles, just like Edward *sigh*


apple cupcakes with caramel frosting - the cases are by Martha Stewart and have skull and cross bones on and say 'beware' and 'poison'. You can see pics here

I should really have baked some more tonight to take to the midnight showing of Eclipse tomorrow night although I think I'll be too excited during the movie to eat!!

just incase you have no idea what I'm talking about!


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Wow you Twilight cupcakes look great and great job with the photography too! :D It fits right on the book cover-how clever! :D

Leanne at Beale's Kitchen said...

I have to admit, i'm not the biggest Twilight fan - i've missed the bandwagon - however I love the look of these cupcakes - the apple decoration idea is really cool :)
I've actually been looking for a good apple cupcake recipe, so thanks for posting the link to the Cookery Angel's post!

Archies Mum said...

Those apple cupcakes look amazing and love the photo of it on your book. I've read the first one but ashamed to say that I haven't got round to reading any of the others yet. I will soon (hopefully).

KARA said...

Great cupcakes. I love the fact you made them apple genius idea! Think the pictures are great

The Caked Crusader said...

I have to say that the whole Twilight thing has rather passed me by, but anything that inspires cupcakes must have some merit! Love the red frosting!

Manny said...

Those cakes were lush, the apple worked really well. I hadn't seen the pics of the cakes sat on the book cover before - brilliant idea :) It wasn't really working with me holding them in my chunky hands!