Tuesday, 13 July 2010

It's cupcake o'clock *

I popped into Selfridges last week for some shopping and decided to lunch there - a cupcake and coffee counts as lunch right?

My cupcake of choice was Lola's flavour of the month for July - Pimms;

light vanilla cupcake is infused with Pimms No1, a gin based beverage mixed with apples, oranges, lemons, strawberry, cucumber and mint. It is smothered with a heavenly Pimms buttercream

I have to agree it was heavenly, the frosting was really tasty and the cake was very fresh and moist! And I'm still a big fan of the coffee in their cafe!

The Pimm's cupcake is available instore till July 31st and I recommend grabbing one, either with a coffee, or take it to the park and have some Pimms with it!

The top photo was taken with my mobile phone, here's a bit of a prettier one from Lola's.

*this post title may have been used before ...sorry!


Baking and Caking said...

Oooh yum! Booze and cupcakes is always a winning combination!

Debbie said...

Ooh that looks lush! May have to take a trip to Selfridges now.

the princess said...

i want one! i have to go now, thanks for the heads up!

I heart cupcakes said...

No problem - hope you enjoy it! I really like the little cafe in Selfridges but not been to their new store in Mayfair yet :)

Manny said...

Was that a hint, lol? I shall take you there, before the 31st, I like the sound of the Pimms cakes :)

Suzanne said...

That strawberry topped cupcake looks delicious. I need to get one! xx