Tuesday, 27 July 2010


There seems to be a bit of a recent theme with cupcakes - we've moved on from the cute and pastel to brains and zombies.

I recently ordered Lily Vanilli's A Zombie ate my Cupcake, and it's waiting for me at work to drool over once I'm off my deathbed and back there (even though it says its not released yet they shipped it straight away!). Then today on Twitter someone posted a link to perhaps the most awesome cupcake molds ever - the Nomskulls by Fred! I MUST get these but can't find them anywhere in the UK at the moment - will have a proper look though and upload any links to suppliers incase anyone else wants some :)

I must make brains cupcakes asap!


Veganessa said...

aarrrgghhh! not sure i can eat brains!!!!!! even as a cupcake!

Sew Sweet said...

Oh. My. God! I neeeeeeed those cupcake molds, they are to die for - ARF! Great blog by the way! :o)

Baking and Caking said...


I do love a bit of gore, and what better than to have it collide with a cupcake! Brilliant!

meemalee said...

WOW. Actual WOW.

Can't wait for you to get them!

I heart cupcakes said...

Veganessa - they're not real though!! You could even do vegan brains!

Sew Sweet - thanks :) I just clicked on your blog and saw sugar mice - how fab! Will have a read through it now! I'm still looking for the molds - I have a feeling they're not on sale yet as even their own store doesn't have them

Baking and Caking - gore is the best isn't it :) My husband is a huge fan of zombie movies so these will be perfect to chomp our way thorough while watching something gory!

MiMi - me too :) expect to be bombarded with pics of brains cupcakes...probably oooozing something red

Made With Pink said...

Ahaha! I saw those early today as well. They are hilarious! I've maid brain cupcakes before for Halloween, but never in skulls.

I thought of you the other day - I was in Next, and they have a ton of cupcake stuff in there at the moment. It's all new, not part of the sale, so they'll have it for a while.

Manny said...

What could be better than chomping some lovely brains cupcakes while snuggling up on the sofa and watching "Zombie Flesheaters" or Dawn of the Dead (original of course - FOAD to remakes with their running zombies!) :) I really hope you can get those moulds soon!!

I heart cupcakes said...

Manny - I know you don't like the running zombies (I could hear your sighing as you typed!) so we can watch some Romero while we scoff brains :)

Manny said...

Excellent, or even better some Fulci - his zombies were the best :)