Thursday, 2 July 2009

Beware! GIANT cupcake in Covent Garden

My friend Kirsty just alerted me to this:

For those visiting on Thursday 16th July, Covent Garden's Real Food Market will see a massive cupcake arrive in its midst. Measuring 1.25m by 2m and designed by Culinary Olympic winner Michelle Wibowo, the giant cake is the worlds largest, feeding up to 2000 people. 

Our advice? Be prepared. Take a spoon, a doggy bag and an empty stomach!

All I can say is WUHU!!! Oh and I'm quite excited to see what Michelle creates - I've seen her cakes before on Market Kitchen and they're fab!

I'm SO excited - the biggest cupcake I've seen so far (and resisted) was from Angel Food Bakery...this is going to be FAB!

Thanks to Angel Food Bakery for the pic of their huge cupcake!


Manny said...

Remember to take a spoon, I don't want you diving in head-first ;)

KARA said...

Oh I am super jealous, sorry haven't been visiting recently need to have a check out of blog and catch up. Have fun x

I heart cupcakes said...

@ Manny - as if I'd just dive straight in - well maybe if the frosting looks ultra lush

@Kara - welcome back! Hope all is well with you x

Mrs D's Recipes For Life said...

Wow I'm going to have to check this out!
Thanks for the heads up!

Kelly xxx