Thursday, 16 July 2009

Crowds witness the giant cupcake of Covent Garden

So today was the day the GIANT cupcake finally arrived in London's Covent Garden. I got there about 30mins before the official cutting ceremony and it was already sat there under a canopy with a crowd of rather excited people round it. I popped to get some shopping and when I got back the crowd had grown...people were wandering through the market asking others "have you seen a giant cupcake?" so it wasn't a surprise that so many were excited about it. I got a place to see the cutting ceremony and was happy to see I recognised the person cutting the cake - the girl from Crumbs and Doilies - who later said she read my blog..hello!!

There was a lot of photographers so it was sometimes difficult to get pics as one of them stood on a table taking constant pics - I know its exciting but the cake wasn't going anywhere - once you've got a good pic of it, its time to get off the table and let others take a pic!

The queue for cake was immense, and the heat was getting worse - also I'd seen the slices they were cutting (ie take a tiny slice and then cut it in half, and maybe again!) so decided queuing for an hour for a bit wasn't how I planned to spend my afternoon off and went to Crumbs and Doilies instead! From what Londonist have said I didn't miss much - it must've been warm as it'd been out in the scorching sun for quite some time! And my crumbs and doilies cupcakes were fab as usual! 

I do hope the guy next to me who arrived with a giant spoon in anticipation got his bit of cake!


Manny said...

No headfirst dive into the giant cupcake then? It looks wicked and the ones from Crumbs and Doilies were delicious as always, thanks hun xxxx

KARA said...

wow what a sight to see I am super jealous, looks great, glad you enjoyed some cupcake love if not for the giant cupcake, bet it wasn't tasting too hot anyway after being in the sun xx