Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Jelly Pong Pong cupcake cuteness

From Jelly Pong Pong -aren't these cupcake bath fizzers ultra cute? If you're in Covent Garden early on Saturday you so get them as part of JPP's birthday celebrations in a gift bag for a tenner with over £40 worth of other stuff...bargain! I'm in Germany this weekend or I'd be there for sure to pick up a gift bag. Think I'll have to pop along and get some of these kumquat and pomegranate fizzers asap though.

Pop these scrumptious fairy cakes into your bath & watch as they explode into a ball of effervescent fizz & froth, softening the water & coating your skin in moisturizing palm oil. The cake base actively sizzles away, releasing invigorating skin conditioners & scents, while crushing the meringue top creates a light bath froth.
Comes in a pair.

The added palm oil acts as a mild skin conditioner, softening skin while you bathe

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