Sunday, 14 June 2009


After trying quite a few store bought cupcakes such as Waitrose (choc mint..yuk and lavender..double yuk) and M&S (vanilla -fairycakes not cupcakes and strawberry..yuk) I FINALLY chanced upon a yummy store bought one last week...from Waitrose. I wasn't going to let a couple of bad 'uns turn me off when I spotted the banana and toffee cupcake, as after a stressful day shopping I was in need of one and was nowhere near a good cupcake outlet.

I got it home - a bit squished, and was suprised when I took off the case of a rather plain looking cake to reveal the huge frosting to cake ratio....this would be Manny's dream ratio if only it were chocolate (he's odd and not fond of anything with a banana in!). The cake was really moist and banana'y and the frosting was fab with chunks of toffee and really melt in the mouth...yay for Waitrose!

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