Monday, 4 July 2011

Happy 4th July

Some of you may  have seen my trial run at my all-American cupcake last week.

It's a rather simple idea - a red white and blue cupcake. Nothing special but it does look kinda fab. And very patriotic.

I just took my favourite vanilla cupcake, and....dyed some red and blue. Simple.

As you can see the colours kind of merged, and the blue on top went kind of green, but when you bite into them there is still a hint of white in there and you can see the three colours. Sorry I don't have a cross section picture - it began to fall over while I took it but you can kinda see how it works.

I had planned to top the cupcake with some red, white and blue fondant hearts to signify I Heart NY (my favourite place in the US..well the world actually),  but after a long weekend of working, and getting up at 4am today to open the bakery I just couldn't face fannying about with fondant. Also I couldn't find my small heart cutter and just didn't have the energy to go through my tonne of cupcaking paraphernalia. I did manage to find my USA cupcake cases and toppers that Ann Arbor Dennis brought me back recently though.

So to top the cupcakes my second plan was blueberry and strawberries on top of vanilla frosting, but then I decided to dunk the strawberry in some blue chocolate (Lindt white coloured with food dye) and voila - my perfect all-American cupcake was born.

Happy 4th July everyone!


Bitsy said...

That Hello Kitty thing is the BEST thing I have ever seen. I collect Hello Kitty. My mom bought me a Statue of Liberty stuffed bear version of her from NYC but we dont get anything cool in England! LOVE IT!! xx

Manny said...

You are a genius with all these ideas you come up with :) And you always make them taste as good as they look too, I really am proud of you xxx

Hidden_Relic said...

OMG! Those are way cute! And I totally approve of Hello Kitty.

Good luck with your bakery!