Friday, 15 July 2011

Wedding cakes and a rather sweet giveaway

Readers of this blog may recall a couple of months ago I went on a cupcake decorating course with Eloise of Gourmet Cupcake. This week I went on her wedding cake course as I have a couple of weddings booked and I fancied learning some tricks of the trade.

The course was really good - we decorated a three tier top cake and 6 cupcakes - my favourite was embossing the fondant - I love how pretty it looks.

The tier cake not only looked pretty, but tasted lovely as well - we had a slice each and Manny took the rest to work the next day with the cupcakes and they were all scoffed up sharpish.

After all that sweetness, I now have a giveaway for a fantastic event by the chaps famous for their love of jelly - Bompas and Parr.

Bompas and Parr are flooding part of the roof of Selfridges to create a crystal island and boating lake to celebrate the arrival of Truvia® calorie free sweetner. 

...encompasses an emerald green boating lake, thousands of stevia plants, 12 rowing boats, a gushing waterfall, a life guard, cocktails by ECC, design by Studio Toogood, uniforms by Tour de Force, tropical soundscapes by Dom James, teas by Rare Tea Company, coffee's by Caravan, and a Crystal Island - all six storeys above Londons busiest shopping street.

Tickets for the Voyage of Discovery are now totally sold out but I have 5 pairs of tickets to give away for the 5.45 - 6.15 slot on Friday 22nd July - you need to be at Selfridges in time for entry and the prize is the tickets only - you need to make your own way to London!

To enter leave a comment below telling me what you would love to learn to bake. Please make sure you leave an email address so the organisers can email you your tickets if you win!

You can get an additional chance to win by following @annecupcake on Twitter and tweet the following message: I've just entered to win #bompasandparr tickets from @annecupcake and you can too. Enter here:

Open to Mainland UK residents only. Contest closes at midday Tuesday 19th July. Winners will be announced shortly after.


TCake said...

Can you believe that my office is just below the area that they are flooding & I can't get a ticket for love or money!! So would love to enter!... Don't think I would have any problems feeing there... Love the cupcakes haven't tried embossing before.. You have tempted me!... The next thing that I would love to bake is fondant fancies!
Have a great weekend ..

Made With Pink said...

Very cool! I too would love to learn wedding cake decorating. I've made a few on my own, but would like to take a class. Looks like I'll have to wait at least until Christmas cuz of the baby

Maggie Bob said...

Oh Anne - those cakes look gorgeous! I'm so jealous of your ability - my cakes taste good but don't look so pretty.

As for what I'd like to learn to bake - I'd actually like to learn more about different types of bread.


corduroy cat said...

ooh i didn't even know about the baby! congrats made with pink! :)
i've actually never been to selfridges in 8 years of living here so i'd love to wander over for the big event.
i'm about to attempt to make peanut brittle, does that count?

Anonymous said...

Hmm that's a tough one. I'd like to learn how to ice really really well, but for flashyness I'd like to learn how to make Joconde. I saw it once in a daring bakers challenge.

The B&P event sounds very cool - would love to go, but I know I've entered a load of competitions on here before so might be a bit cheeky, still...worth a try!

Anonymous said...

Also, I've just done the tweet-thing

ladyrose said...

I'd like to master a lemon meringue pie cupcake..jelly has made a come back, so let's bring back other 80's desserts...hmmm now i'm thinking about black forest gateaux cupcakes...! :)

Sarah-Jane - said...

embossed fondant is on my list too. I bought 4 embossing mats about 2 weeks ago, but have had other things taking priority... Dying to play..

Yours look lovely. Especially the big cake. Well done

Archies Mum said...

Wow your cakes are just amazing, and the embossing looks unbelievable. Looks like you had a really good day, and it definitely looks like you learnt quite a bit. Its a shame that I don't live anywhere near the London area, would have loved to have been in with a chance to win (just not possible and not that lucky).

Sarah, Maison Cupcake said...

These look fantastic, I love the pink flowers.

Don't enter me for the B&P thing, they give me the creeps!!

Belle said...

The cupcakes look wonderful!

My friend is coming from Wales on Friday so those tickets would be fabbo.

I went to a "pick you own" fruit farm today, it took two hours to find it, so right now I'd like to learn to bake something that includes a kilo of strawberries? 1/2 kilo of raspberries and 1/2 kilo of blackberries?

Also a croquembouche the size of a house.

Carly Spencer-Ross said...

Fabulous cakes, really beautiful work! I need to work out an ingenious way of getting to one of their courses! Things I'd like to learn about baking? How to meld together the worlds of bacon jam and cupcake...P.S. I know I don't live in London but my sister does and would love this!

Maggie Bob said...

By the way Anne - please leave me out of the prize draw - afraid I'm busy that date ;) x

Laura said...

Your cakes always look so lovely. I would love to learn how to do the flowers, the look quite amazing sitting on top of the cake.

I'd also love to go to Selfridge's on Friday!! Love the place x


Jen said...

I would love to go to this! Your embossed cakes look fabulous. One thing I would love to learn is baked cheesecakes or a decent fruitcake suitable for wedding/celebration cakes, I've never tried either of these!

Jen said...

Ooh, not sure if that comment worked, it didn't ask me to sign into my google account. Sorry if it did! I just said that I'd love to go to the event and that your embossed cakes look fabulous! I'd love to learn to bake cheesecakes or a good fruit cake suitable for wedding/celebration cakes as I've never tried them! Jen x (a.k.a @jenthomasjourno on twitter)

Cupcake Crazy Gem said...

Ooh that sounds fun! I would love to learn to bake the amazing coconut cream pie that I ate in this super snazzy restaurant once in the Caribbean. I have been trying all this week at work to recreate it unsuccessfully!

Good work on the wedding cake, it looks lovely!

Rebecca said...

I love the cupcake - it's my sister's wedding in August so I'll be making something similiar for her - I hope they look as good!

I'd LOVE to learn how to make crumpets.... yummmmmmmy!

Manny said...

I think I may be disqualified for the draw but I had to leave a comment to say how awesome your cakes looked, and tasted! The ones I brought to work amazed everyone there too, well done sweetheart xxxx

ScottCanCook said...

The embossed fondant cupcakes look amazing!

The current bane of my baking existence is puff pastry. I need to learn to tackle it!