Thursday, 10 March 2011

Un petite post

Starbucks have launched a range of Petite Treats and although we aren't lucky enough to get the Petite cupcakes they have in the States (including the divine looking mini peanut butter cupcake) I thought I'd do a little post about them.

The range includes three cake pops; sparkle, rocky road and almond and two whoopies; chocolate and red velvet. The almond cake pop seems to have replaced the American Tiramisu cake pop, which I prefer the sound of!

As a Starbucks card holder I was lucky enough to get a voucher for a freebie mini today so I popped into the one on Bankside and couldn't resist picking up two petites (they are mini after all!).

First up was the red velvet whoopie. I must say, and I may lose readers here, this was as good, if not better than a couple of store bought whoopies I've had. It looks a bit shiny in the pic, mainly due to our office being lit up like Blackpool at the time of the Illuminations, but it wasn't. It was a perfectly edible flavoursome whoopie. The cake/cookie part was perfectly fresh and the filling was tasty, if a little bland (could've done with more vanilla).

My second choice was...can you guess?....the sparkle cake pop. Hello, sparkles! (Manny can insert some smart ass "oooh I sparkle" joke about Edward Cullen here but that's only because he's a bitter old fart who doesn't get Twilight).

Firstly, let me apologise for the photos. I took the cake pop home and alas some of its sparkle stayed in the bag when I took it out. Also my kitchen is the opposite of my office and is lit like a Chilean coal mine. Only darker.

So the pop. I've said before I'm not that fussed about cake pops - often they have too much frosting to cake ratio, but this one really didn't. The chocolate outside was really tasty and the middle was moist but not overly so (Kelly seemed to get a wet cake pop, which just doesn't sound nice so maybe I got lucky!). Either way it was really delicious - one of the better cake pops I've tried. I hear gasps from the cake purists out there but as you know I'm nothing if honest and I really enjoyed this cake pop and would eat it again!

I'm not sure if Starbucks will be offering the free petite on a Thursday again but they often do offers for card holders so it's worth getting one!

23rd March - quick update: we popped to the Kings Road Starbucks the other day and bought a couple of coffees and cake pops - both were stored in the fridge so when we tried to eat them they were hard and incredibly cold. They'd probably have been fine if brought to room temperature but as we wanted them with our coffee it was rather disappointing. Manny reports that it was really nice but a bit firm.


the princess said...

i had the sparkle one too today and i thought it was amazing. they have won me over in the cake pop department. x

Scraptastic Mel x said...

Hmm these are cute! Your post made me laugh - I liked the similes about your office and kitchen!

Sarah @Scrumptious Sally said...

RIGHT; between you and Kelly, I'm convinced that I am obliged to try a sparkle pop, given that I'm working from Starbucks tomorrow! The mini salted caramel thing has taken my eye, as well.

rebecca said...

Were you able to order a whoopie pie without giggling at the words "whoopie pie"? Because I know you love those words. :-)

Cupcake Kelly said...

Funny that we both picked the same 2 petites :-p I feel obligated to at least eat another sparkle pop (from a different store) and then one of each almond and rocky road to come to a decision! The ones in Monument had a hilarious amount of marsmallows on them...

I thought my cake pop had too much frosting (but that could just be my tatste buds) in it but I really liked the chocolate coating. Some cake pops don't have enough cake and I thought these had a good ratio.

I'm glad we both liked the whoopie pie. I thought for sure everyone would comment and say they thought they were gross just because it was from Starbucks.

I added a little blurb in mine back to yours :)

Cupcake Crazy Gem said...

My friend back in London has been working on Starbucks' advertising campaign, she just came out here to visit me and told me they would be giving away free cake pops but only for the month of March...and I come back April 1st! rubbish! so I was excited to see your pics of them and hear the good reports!
p.s scraptastic Mel is my sis...can you tell from her comment that she is a secondary school English teacher! haha her comment made me laugh

Sarah-Jane - said...

Maybe it's just me. I think cake pops LOOK really cute, but I really don't like the texture. PErhpas I've only had naff ones !

They look pretty in the photos :-)

Manny said...

So not only do I get dissed because I don't like the sparkly vampires but you eat all the goodies to - hurrumph!!

I shall have to check these out next time we're in a Starbucks :)

I heart cupcakes said...

@The Princess - I was most pleasantly surprised!

@Scraptastic Mel - hello sister of Gemma! They are cute and rather tasty!

@Sarah - did you try one? I was so busy waiting for rude word inspiration from you I've forgotten if you mentioned cake!

@Rebecca - I managed fine, but I reckon Manny may have trouble asking for one without turning Beavis and Butthead on us! Bet the whoopies weren't as good as yours!

@Kelly - they were the two that caught my eye :) I'm going to have to try another one just incase I was wrong! Someone said the almond one was lovely so I may try it. I think people will be biased about them because they're from Starbucks (I've seen some comments already on Twitter) but if they're tasty and well made who am I to argue. It may make them rethink their cupcakes -which are generally too sweet.
Thanks - will check your blog now - am catching up!

@Gem - you're back in April? For a holiday? At least you can try some when you're back! Hope you're having fun in the sun and you're all safe over there!

@Sarah-Jane - I have had that problem with some I tried, including my own -too much frosting and a bit gloopy. These weren't like that though - apart from these the best I've had were from Mollybakes.

@Manny - it's your own fault. If you stopped doing fru fru hand movements while going "oh I sparkle" every time I mention Twilight I may have saved you some cake pop ;) We shall perhaps get you a rocky road one this weekend

Daisy said...

Oh no! Now I'm going to have to try the mini treats! I'll admit I scoffed at them jumping on the cake pop bandwagon but I know how discerning your tastebuds are, so perhaps I'll drag myself to a local Starbucks later today. Nice reviews!