Wednesday, 25 May 2011

I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts

These raspberry and coconut cupcakes are slightly adapted from a recipe in another of my recent additions to my groaning cook book shelves, Oliver Peyton's, British Baking. The book is full of recipes that make your mouth water - I have a lot of markers on pages of recipes I must make asap, but as soon as I saw these cupcakes I knew I had to make them - two of my favourite ingredients in cupcake form = delicious.

The cakes were very straightforward to make and I pretty much followed the recipe. Next time I would add more coconut though as I thought the taste was quite subtle.  I didn't get 12 cupcakes but rather 8, and they were domed within the cases, not huge - perhaps if you use smaller cases you'd get 12.

Once the cupcakes cooled slightly, I brushed them with one of my new favourite liqueurs, Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur. I have brushed this onto cupcakes a couple of times now and I love it - it gives a little kick to your cake.

The frosting was a coconut Swiss meringue which was delicious. I often find that Swiss meringue frosting tastes of nothing but butter when I've bought cupcakes in shops that offer it, however this one was really nice, although the coconut milk didn't give it enough of a coconut kick and I think next time I'd put in less vanilla, and a bit of coconut extract.

They still tasted divine though, and I would definitely make these again. I used Tulameen raspberries which gave a lovely flavour to the cakes and really contrasted with the sweetness of the cake.

If you'd like to try these cupcakes you can come along to the Going for a Song vintage clothes jumble on June 4th at the Amersham Arms in New Cross where I'll be selling my cupcakes, including these.

Finally I thought I'd share these lovely wrappers the people at Cupcake Wrappers sent me.

The wrappers come in lots of different designs, including my favourite featuring cute needlework birds. The wrappers are washable and reusable and I think they'd be really nice for a display of your cupcakes. And it helps cover up when your cases go see through when baked (hello Cath Kidston)


Baking Addict said...

Wow what a fantastic cupcake. I just got the book too but haven't had a chance to look through it. Love the cupcake wrappers. I'll try to pop along on 4th June otherwise good luck!

sunnyday said...


Love your cupcakes - i love making them too and want to start selling them locally - eventually i would love to have a cupcakery!

I was just wodnering what icing nozzle you use as i can't seem to get my icing like this!

Katie said...

Hehe your post title made me giggle. They look divine cupcakes. I've tried that liqueur too its gorgeous.

Love the sound of the reusable cupcake wrappers. Good luck selling your cupcakes, I'm sure they'll sell out in no time!

Laura said...

these look so delish! Wish I could come taste them on the 4th but I'll be at the strawberry festival! I'm sure they won't last long x Laura

Abbie said...

Oooh coconut and raspberry! What a combination, definitely my two favourite flavours put together! Love the cake wrappers too, especially the polka dot one ;) xx

Sarah, Maison Cupcake said...

I missed out on this book, is it good? The wrappers look cool too.

Wee Tait said...

I'm not a coconut fan but wow I'd probably have a munch on that cupcake hehehe! Top Marks =D

Star Bakery said...

I use 'creamed coconut' in my recipes in place of coconut milk and it brings in so much more flavour than the milk alone. I'm a coconut junky so I thought I'd share my tip!

Manny said...

These cakes were absolutely delicious :) I loved the contrast between the sweet frosting and the tart raspberry. I hope there'll be some left on the 4th when I get back from band practice!

I heart cupcakes said...

Baking Addict - thank you. I loved this book as soon as I got it - I recommend a good read (with a cuppa!) as it really has some lovely stuff in there. Would be lovely if you could make it on the 4th, but if not thank you :)

Sunnyday - hello! I'd love to have a proper cafe selling cakes and lovely coffee, but alas I just haven't the funds. The nozzle is my favourite -the Wilton 1M. Good luck with selling your cakes

Katie - the liqueur is fabulous isn't it. It gave the cupcakes a lovely taste. The cupcake wrappers are a really good idea - especially for events. Thanks - I'm hoping they will!

Laura - thanks very much. A strawberry festival sounds like fun. Have a great time!

Abbie - they are two of my favourite flavours, I can never resist a coconut cake! I thought you'd like the polka dot ones!

Sarah - I really like it and can see me baking a lot from it. Recipes are well laid out, there's a good selection of different things to bake, and I love the photography. I recommend it.

Wee Tait - you don't like coconut? I can't comprehend ;) Glad to hear my cupcake may turn you!

Star Bakery - I did think of using coconut cream as I had that in the house. With creamed coconut do you grate it into the mix? Thanks for the tip though - I will experiment!

Manny - I'm hoping they'll all be sold out but I have to practice this weekend so you'll have plenty to eat don't worry! Glad you liked the cupcake darling x

Cupcake Crazy Gem said...

Anne - these look soooo delish, I'm waiting for them to invent the technology where I could just pick it right out of my screen! Raspberry & Coconut is one of my favourite combos too! I also am not the biggest fan of regular smb, but think I may have to give coconut smb a try since everything tastes better with coconut in it! Good luck selling your cupcakes, I'm away from London that weekend otherwise I would have definitely come along!

The Caked Crusader said...

I love chambord so these are right up my street.
BTW, if you like chambord, have you tried a french martini? It's a divine blend of pineapple juice, vodka and chambord