Thursday, 2 December 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Even though I'm in no way religious I do tend to get a little over-excited about Christmas. And what better way to celebrate Christmas than with cupcakes.

I plan to post a few blogs about the festive cupcakes out there so if you're reading this and you've got a range of Christmas cupcakes and would like them featured please let me know!

First up is Hummingbird. Hummingbird are one of my favourite cupcake places in London. They are doing a different daily special each day so if you fancy more than one of the cupcakes below you'll have to wander to one of their three branches more than once (or order online).

First up is Monday's flavour - Candy Cane Cupcake. A light, peppermint scented sponge, swirled with red and white glittered frosting. I love the look and sound of this cupcake, so pretty and one I definitely want to try.

Tuesday is Eggnog Cupcake. Traditional Christmas flavours of rum and nutmeg, topped with an eggnog frosting. I really would like to try this - even though every time I hear the words egg nog I think of the Jackass egg nog challange and am not sure if I could actually eat one!

Wednesday's flavour is Chestnut. A subtle and light roasted chestnut sponge, finished with a caramelised chestnut frosting. I've never eaten a chestnut cake so shall aim to get to Hummingbird on a Wednesday to try one!

Thursday's Cinnamon and Raisin is a marbled cinnamon and raisin sponge, topped with a cinnamon frosting. This one doesn't appeal so much as I'm not very fond of raisins in cupcakes.

Friday's Christmas Pudding Cupcake is a twist on the traditional, a hearty cake laced with rum and brandy, exotic fruits and an almond scented frosting. Again not sure about the "exotic fruits" but love the rum and brandy. I know I'm a lush. We're in town tomorrow so may pop into Hummingbird to pick one of these up.

Saturday's flavour is Raspberry Trifle. A Christmas classic, light sponge filled with raspberry puree and topped with diplomat pastry cream. I like the sound of this as I'm a big fan of trifle, although I prefer mine with lashings of booze!

Sunday's Gingerbread Cupcake is my another that I really want to try. It's a heady mix of ginger and warm winter spices, finished with fresh lemon cream cheese frosting. Sounds, and looks delish. Although I do think they should've made their own gingerbread men rather than use sprinkles!

Look out for more Christmas cupcakes and Christmas gift ideas coming up over the next few days.

Thanks to Hummingbird for use of their photographs. 


Archies Mum said...

Wow what an amazing selection of cupcakes to try. I wish I lived nearer to try them (but then again it wouldn't help my waisline lol). Enjoy your selection you lucky thing

Anonymous said...

hi I am a new follower - obsessed with make up and cupcakes!! take a peek at my blog

i have only just started trying some of the Hummingbird recipes but love what i have seen so far! X

Manny said...

I want to try the eggnog ones, I do like a boozy cupcake :) Actually all of them sound interesting!

I heart cupcakes said...

@Archies Mum - I'm trying to resist having too many! Thank you though :)

@Smaira - hi, thank for checking out my blog and leaving a comment. I shall pop over and have a peak at your blog now. Some of the Hummingbird ones are really nice, but I've found a couple from the book are quite heavy! Good luck with your baking x

@Manny - I shall have to pop over and get some Eggnog ones for us to try

Cupcake Crazy Gem said...

Anne, thanks for keeping me in touch with the london cupcake scene! I have demanded my sister needs to go to Hummingbird tomorrow and try a candy cane cupcake on my behalf...I am obsessed with candy canes! and that cupcake looks so good! thanks for the update!