Wednesday, 8 December 2010

And the bells were ringing out for Christmas day

One of my favourite cafes in London is Bea's of Bloomsbury and as such I was very excited to see Bea's lovely creations for Christmas. Some of the most fabulous, and tastiest, cupcakes I've had in London have been from Bea's, and her Christmas creations look like they will live up to my expectations!

How adorable are these gingerbread man cupcakes?  And I can visualise Manny reading this and drooling over the screen at the lashings of chocolate/ganache that the little gingerbread fellow is resting on!

And the gingerbread man isn't alone - he's got a candy cane friend

And lots of other Christmas goodies!

They come in Chocolate Baileys, Double Fudge and Gingerbread - all fabulous flavours for Christmas! I'm planning a visit next week...hoping I can persuade Manny to pop in to the glamorous new One New Change venue for a quickie after work!


Heaven is a Cupcake said...

Im planning on doing a tour of cupcake shops in London and Beas is on my list! Any other suggestions?

Cupcake Kelly said...

I had a Bailey's one the other day. it was very good but the frosting wasn't as flavorful as yours!

Manny said...

I'll be passing Bea's original place tomorrow lunchtime - I think I shall have to pop in! Those certainly sound and look great :)

It was nice to see those cookie monster cakes again, they were works of art and tasted as good as they looked :)

I heart cupcakes said...

@heaven is a cupcake - I recommend Love Bakery, Hummingbird, Violet, Lola's, Ms Cupcake and if you can make it on a Sunday - Kooky Bakes at the Upmarket. This place is great for cupcakes -as well as Kookybakes you can get Ms Cupcake and Yum Bakery cupcakes!
Give me a shout if you want any other tips!

@Cupcake Kelly - thank you :) I'm keen to try some!

@Manny - We're going to the chocolate festival tomorrow so I dont think we'll need more cake! I'll pop over next week - maybe Weds - you could meet me for a cake!
Those Cookie Monster cupcakes were fabulous

Heaven is a Cupcake said...

Cool thanks! I've been to Hummingbird and not a big fan to be honest but will look the others up :)

I heart cupcakes said...

No worries, people either seem to love or hate Hummingbird!
Have fun on your tour!

Heaven is a Cupcake said...

Oh I definitely don't hate Hummingbird I just was a bit disappointed after all the hype! Thanks :D

I heart cupcakes said...

@Heaven is a cupcake - I see! I tend to go for the special flavours which I've found to be nice. The Christmas pudding ones were lovely

Baking Addict said...

The chocolate frosting is definitely calling to me! A tour of cupcake bakeries sounds like fun! I really want to go to love Bakery and now Bea's. Thanks for the round up!