Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Wedding anniversary at Peggy Porschen's Parlour

Halloween was our 11th wedding anniversary and of course we needed cake and where better than my favourite cake parlour in London - Peggy Porschen. If people ask where to go for tea and cake in London I always suggest Peggy's - who can fail to fall in love with such a beautiful pink parlour? This is the colour everything in my house would be if Manny would allow it! 

We opted for a cupcake each - Manny going for Chocolate Heaven and I opted for Sticky Toffee - one of their range I've wanted to try for some time. 

Manny's Chocolate Heaven cake was delicious. I'm sometimes put off chocolate cake by bad frosting - this one was as light as a feather. As was the cake.

My Sticky Toffee one was fabulous. The addition of walnuts was a little strange at first but I think it added some good texture to the cake. Again the frosting was divine.

When we finished Manny went and got the Halloween special - a pumpkin and cream cheese cupcake which we shared while finishing our coffees. I'm not that fond of pumpkin - sometimes I find it makes me gag - but this one was lovely. And the cream cheese frosting was again lovely. The cake itself was heavily spiced which I really liked. 

We left clutching two take away cupcakes (I know we're fatties but we just couldn't resist), for our trip around Brompton Cemetery where we snuggled, fed squirrels and crows, and had a lovely day. There are no photos of the second lot of cupcakes alas as when we were taking some photographs in the Cemetery I put the cakes down and the box blew over. We still ate them obviously! Manny had a Black Forest and I had a Banoffee - Manny loved his (I tried a bit and it was really flavoursome), however my Banoffee wasn't my favourite cupcake ever I have to admit - the banana flavour wasn't that strong but it was moist and fresh so better than a lot of cupcakes I've had previously. 

The perfect anniversary day out in London. 


Anonymous said...

WOW its also a dream of mine to make it there for tea and caaaaaake!!!! those cupcakes look amazing!

Grocery Gems said...

Happy *belated* Anniversary! This looks like such an amazing place to have tea and cake. I love the pink too and the cupcakes look delicious :)

Claire said...

Awh Anne happy anniversary! 11 years is awesome!

I would love to get to Peggy's but I rarely go to London. Glad you had a good time x

Dharma said...

That great and "sweet" anniversary. Now I would like my penpal who gave me those aniverarios so sweet.
I also love to travel.

A greeting and go for another 11 years of love.

The Caked Crusader said...

Happy anniversary - love the photo of Manny feeding the squirrel!

Cupcake Crazy Gem said...

Happy Anniversary, 11 years wow! Congrats! Peggy's is probably one of the only cupcakeries I haven't been to in London! Whenever we make it back to England I'll have to try it out, upon your recommendation!

Manny said...

Thanks for all the nice comments :) That was a perfect day, made even better by some great cakes :)

Jo said...

What an absolutely beautiful looking shop! I must get there one day, so pretty.