Thursday, 24 February 2011

Un Petit Pois

Photo: Beatriz da Costa for Petit Pois

So, the new cupcake isn't whoopie pies, macarons or bundt cakes, but cupcakes themselves!

cupcakes with secret ingredients. Part of a new range made by the Paris-based baking business, Petis Pois, these cupcakes have no glitter, no butter, no great mound of sickly icing, last for five days and measure in at a mere 175 calories each.

These gluten free cupcakes, from Petit Pois, are low in calories and are packed full of 54% vegetables and include flavours such as vanilla and courgette, orange and pumpkin, lemon and courgette and chocolate and beetroot.

Although I find these intriguing, I do find the whole article a bit odd - it seems to lay claim to these cakes being a wonderful new thing that the "zany" bakers have invented, yet I've had courgette cupcakes before and have baked pumpkin and beetroot cupcakes myself.

According to Petit Pois' Facebook

The iconic green pea on top of each cupcake signals that this is a cake that is actually good for you. Our cakes are delicious, stylish, healthy, honest, and let’s just say it: full of vegetables.

Petis Pois cupcakes launch at Selfridges on 15th March, and although I question some of the press I do want to try them so shall be popping along soon after the launch. I wonder if they'll have pea cupcakes? That was going to be my secret ingredient for Cupcake Camp Bournemouth if I could've make it - I adore peas!

Finally, I don't mean to be pedantic but I class a cupcake as having some kind of frosting and I'd class these as being fairy cakes, but lets not open that can of worms again! And I'm not even commenting on the fact that the Evening Standard seem to think that no glitter and no butter is a good thing when it comes to cake...pah.


Ellie's Cakes said...

I'd say they're the anti-cupcake, everything a cupcake shouldn't be; healthy, no butter, and a lack of artery clogging delicious buttercream.

HerSponge said...

I agree with you whole heartedly. Cupcakes are supposed to be decadent. If I want vegetables then I'll eat vegetables because I actually love vegetables. I really haven't got time for journalists who are trying to tout the new fad. Cupcakes have always been around and they will always be around and anyone who eats something just because they happen to the the supposed in thing, well they're muppets.

I heart cupcakes said...

@Ellie - I agree but am so tired of reading about the "new cupcake" everywhere I thought I'd call it that. I really didn't get what the article was implying was good about no buttercream - buttercream rocks!

@HerSponge - I will try these only to see what they're like and cuz I try and make it my duty to try as many cupcakes in London as possible. The whole "new cupcake" journalism thing perturbs me, if it's a food stuff it must be the new cupcake - find a new story ffs. I 100% agree re people eating things cuz they're the in-thing -thats the reason so many bad bakeries exist - I'm convinced people who buy cake there are buying them cuz they're trendy and don't have a clue what good cake tastes like!

Cupcake Kelly said...

A cake without glitter and butter isn't much of a cake at all!

Manny said...

Hmm,not so sure about this! I like to see a good dollop of ganache or cream cheese frosting on top of my cupcakes, not a pea. Lets give them a try though, we might be pleasantly surprised!

Missy said...

They are marzipan peas! And why shouldn't people who cant have gluten or lactose not enjoy cupcakes too?!

I heart cupcakes said...

@Kelly :)

@Manny - I shall get us a couple to try

@Missy - I know they are not real peas thanks. And I don't recall saying that people who were lactose or gluten intolerant couldn't have cupcakes. check out my post on Bake A Boo where I eat a gluten free cupcake - you might enjoy it.

Sarah @Scrumptious Sally said...

I'm willing to believe that the actual cakes will taste good, as I've tried a couple of the 'Chocolate Heartache' recipes, once I got past the iritating prose. I agree though: calling them cupcakes without icing, is missing the point. Odd marketing.

PuzzlingChristian said...


cinabar said...

You are quite right, cupcakes should make you smile and have lashings of butter creamy whipped on top!