Tuesday, 18 January 2011

10 out of 10 for 40point5

Last Saturday after visiting the beautiful Peggy Porschen's Parlour we walked through Hyde Park to Kensington High Street to get to the second destination of the day – 40point5.

I first read about 40point5 in Daily Candy a couple of weeks ago and was immediately won over by their patisserie section on their website.

The shop is attached to a small cafĂ© next door, which unfortunately was v.popular and therefore v.busy so we got our goodies to take away. The lady in the store was lovely – telling us about the chocolates and letting us choose a free sample to try. The chocolate was divine and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes good chocolate. They also had a range of chocolate gifts, such as shoes, guitars and really nice chocolate skulls.

There were two cupcakes on offer – a spiced plum and a tiramisu. I opted for the tiramisu, hoping as this was a cupcake tasting session Manny would opt for the spiced plum. He didn’t. For him it was lust at first sight with a chocolate torte and there was no way anything else was going to tempt him from this Chocolate Nemesis 

I have to admit being slightly disappointed that the devils food cupcake hadn’t been available – until I tried the tiramisu. It was delicious. The cake was incredibly tasty and full of boozy goodness as well. And the topping was light and melted in my mouth.

My only criticism is the cakes were kept cooled so they may not be so good if you ate them straight away – however ours had the trip home and the time it took to boil the kettle to get to room temp.

I shall definitely pop by again when I’m in the area to see if they have more cupcakes, and to buy chocolate gifts!


Manny said...

That chocolate nemesis cake was awesome :) We should definately go back and have something to eat it. I'll try one of the different cupcake flavours but I'll have to have another slice of the choccy cake too :) The cafe looked great and the chocolate skulls and guitars were works of art, maybe we could get one to share later too?

Jasmine said...

wow i just tried today the devils chocolate cupcake they have just made and the carrot cupcakewith cream cheese frosting, all awesome and gluten free!!I love this place and they have just got a new range of chocolates out for valentines day and spring. I tried the version of a bounty bar, tastes just the same but healthier as they use single origin chocolate as the chef called Jonathan described it to me.

I heart cupcakes said...

Manny - we shall definitely go back and check out the cafe. And get some chocolate for you!

Jasmine - you're so lucky you got to try the Devils Chocolate cupcake. I shall definitely be back to try it. We met the lady chocolate maker whose name I've forgotten and she was so lovely. The bounty bar sounds lush - my favourite chocolate bar!

Jasmine said...

If you love bounty bars this is definitely for you !!! I will be back soon as well to pick up more goodies and I will try this choc nemesis !!

Laura said...

These cakes are phenomenal i went in today after hearing from a friend and tried the devils cupcake which was the brilliant!! I also had a bit of nemisis cake which is also very good! I liked them so much i left with a whole nemisis and 1 of the carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, 1 devil and one tirmisu and am enjoying them as i write this review! 10 out of 10!!!!