Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Kuchen ist sehr gut

Thursday was our first day in Berlin and after some breakfast at the local butchers and a loooooong walk to a record store, in the rain, that wasn't open (grrrr),  we headed to Cupcake for some sustenance, a sit down and a hot drink.

This was my 3rd visit to Cupcake in Berlin and it certainly won't be my last as every time I visit I fall in love with it a little more.

I opted for the Elvis - a double chocolate cake topped with peanut butter (and banana?) frosting. The cupcake was amazingly moist and the frosting was some of the tastiest I've had. I'm not sure how they made the frosting taste so incredibly light when its peanut butter, which can be a bit  heavy, but it was awesome. Which is good as the cupcake was slathered in lashings of the frosting! Not that I was complaining!

hmmmmm lashings of delish frosting
Cookies n Cream - magnificent
Manny as usual was tempted by the chocolatey'ist cupcake he spotted, the Hot Chocolate, but resisted and went for something different, the cookies 'n' cream. I tried a smidgen of the frosting, as much as I could grab before losing a finger and it was really nice and again very light and tasty.

Manny looks rather happy considering he's not slept in 24 hours!
We stayed about 10 minutes walk away from Cupcake for 5 days and had planned to make it back again to sample some more of their lovely cakes, but alas too much of this...,

Usurper of Proclamation*
Schofferhofer, and this...

Glühwein at AlexanderPlatz Berlin
We didn't get time to pop by for more of these...

Damn it! I really wanted to try a Raspberry Beret, and maybe a Peppermint Party!

We will however be back, probably next year for Nuclear War Now festival. If you're in Berlin I highly recommend popping into Cupcake! Not on do they do cupcakes, but cheesecakes, brownies and a selection of vegan goodies too. Also where else in Berlin can you buy Heinz beans on toast?

*In my opinion an hour staring at Usurper from Proclamation makes up for the lack of cupcakes, however others may disagree!


Manny said...

Cupcake rules indeed, one of the best bakeries of the many we've been to! Shame we didn't make it there on the Sunday but I guess we were having breakfast while they were closing up, lol!

Cupcake Kelly said...

My husband is dying to go to Berlin (he's really into history). Have you seen any of the sites?

catty said...

i love that in the top two photos the frosting is so huge you can't even see the cupcake haha... i'd pick the cookies & cream I think :)

I heart cupcakes said...

Manny - even the thought of a cupcake couldn't make me get up after getting to bed at 7am after about 12 hours of Schofferhofer!

Kelly - we've been to Berlin about 8 times now and really love it. We've seen quite a few of the sites (Stayed near the bit of the Wall still standing a few times) and had a good wander around. Definitely a very historical and cultural city to visit. Christmas time is nice as well as you have the markets to visit which are lovely.

Catty - there was LASHINGS of frosting! I do like that, when its great frosting!

Sarah-Jane - SiliconeMoulds.com said...

I guessed you had a good time and a fair bit of alcohol. Hehe.

Now then - looks like they are using a commercial crown muffin tin to get those big mushroomed heads on the cakes. Looks a bit odd though on muffins. Somehow I think cupcakes look more girly when the top of the cake cannot actually be seen.

The taste test though is the ultimate seal of approval. After all those dry ones you've sampled of late, I'm glad these ones didn't let you down