Monday, 5 April 2010

Some recent cupcake purchases

First a couple of new purchases from Robert Dyas -another worktop saver (I have about 7 now) and a magnetic memo board which I plan to use for my magnetic spice racks. Both are showing as sold out on the Robert Dyas website, however I've been in the Fleet Street one recently and they have loads. There are also some tins, trays and picnic wear to match.

The purse is from a little store we visited in Chichester when we went to the Swallow Bakery and the matching little notebook is from Peter Jones. The little wedding favour chocolate is also from Peter Jones (how cute would these be at your wedding!)

Tesco's currently have a cupcake range in store and I picked up another worktop saver(I know!) a placemat (for the cats!) and a little cupcake bowl. They have cake tins, biscuit tins and plates to match. They also have pink silicone bakeware - I got a balloon whisk and a pastry brush.

Finally a mousemat from the Paperchase cupcakes range.

And yes my house is getting full.


KARA said...

wow wee, we have no Robert Dya near I am gutted they are gorgeous, my Argos worktop saver is dying so I am thinking a new one is in order and I only have 2.
I love the Tesco range, I bought the mug last week, I am treating myself every time I go in, I love the HK stuff, I am a huge HK fan.

Cupcake Crazy Gem said...

Wow you always give such a good roundup of what's around! I had no idea paperchase had that cupcake range and I got an easter package from my Mom with the whole stationary set..cupcake cards, matching name labels and little cupcake stickers - they are so cute I can hardly bring myself to use them!
I'm pretty sure you could devote a whole room in your house to cupcakes by the sounds of all the cupcake items you own!!! wouldn't that be cool!

Manny said...

Aw babe, there's always going to be room in our house for more cupcake goodies for you :)